Wildlife Management

Aero Tech employs qualified pilots, biologists, veterinarians, and animal handlers, providing one-stop, turnkey services for aerial wildlife management. We offer comprehensive aerial services for aviary, aquatic or terrestrial project missions. Our nationwide services include:

  • Habitat and Rangeland Evaluation
  • Aerial Census and Classification
  • Animal Capture through Herding, Drive Netting, Corral Trapping, Net Gunning, or Chemical Immobilization
  • Feral Animal and Predator Eradication
  • Veterinary Services from Vaccination to Transportation
  • Population Management
  • Raptor Nest Surveys

Our experience includes support to the USDA Wildlife Services.  Aero Tech’s employees and aircraft are OA-approved for Aerial Capture, Eradication, and Tagging of Animals (ACETA) operations.

For aerial wildlife management, we use our Bell 407s and MD530FF helicopters, which offer an ideal combination of power and maneuverability at high altitudes. Our team includes qualified biologists and specialists in the fields of veterinary services, animal handling, vaccination, transportation, and animal housing. We are certified in darting, chemical immobilization, neck gunning, taking, classification, herding, dry netting, and corralling.

Safety is a priority in all operations, ensuring the health and welfare of our aircrews and the wildlife with which we are entrusted.

Wolf Studies

mexican wolfFor over 3 years Aero Tech has supported the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Mexican Wolf study. The project has involved capture through chemical immobilization, census and surveys, monitoring, locating, and emergency removal of the animals.

Moose Management Project

Moose managementIn northeastern states we captured over 200 bull, cow, and calf moose supporting a winter tick and brain worm study. Our services helped state agencies manage moose population by monitoring and studying moose post-capture using GPS collars and biological field sampling.    Learn more about the moose project . . . 

Aero Tech trained National Park Service staff in safe wildlife capture practices.  Watch the video below.