Forest Protection

Forest ProtectionAero Tech’s aviation services and aerial applications help land managers protect and nurture valuable timber resources. Our services for forest protection include aerial applications of insecticides, biological agents and fertilizers, as well as air support for promoting and monitoring the health and growth of forests.

Insect Control and Fertilization

Our targeted applications efficiently deliver insecticides, biological agents and fertilizers to small, selected areas or sizeable tracts of forest land. Aero Tech is one of the largest fertilizer application companies in the timber industry, providing services throughout the South. In addition to fertilizing, we perform extensive pest control services. Aerial applications help retard a variety of pests, including budworm and the Asian gypsy moth.

Through a number of domestic and overseas spray campaigns, we have established a record of success in controlling gypsy moths and other forest and agricultural pests. Our experience can be traced back to a significant project we undertook in 1993 to eradicate the Asian gypsy moth. The pest, which has the capability to destroy over 400 species of trees and shrubbery including pine, was introduced by a military supply ship that docked at a port in North Carolina. When the cargo containers were opened, a swarm of adult Asian gypsy moths emerged. Although the ship was ordered back to sea, the moths had already dispersed. Aero Tech used an environmentally friendly, biodegradable product to eradicate the pest, and since then has deployed a variety of techniques and approaches for effective pest control and mitigation.