Firefighting & Fire Control

Fire Fighting & ControlAero Tech became actively involved in aerial firefighting about 30 years ago, when it pioneered the use of smaller aircraft for fire suppression. Over the years we have logged thousands of hours providing defense against wildfires throughout the U.S.

We routinely deliver aerial support to the Department of the Interior Office of Aircraft Services (OAS), providing air tankers and multi-mission medium helicopters to battle devastating fires and transport crews to fire sites. Aero Tech is one of the few aviation companies providing its own fire-fighting task force of single-engine air tankers and type II & III helicopters.

Our fleet of AT-802 single-engine air tankers and various helicopters are ideal for rapid response to wildfires. The aircraft are tireless workhorses that can be loaded and up in the air in less than five minutes. They carry hefty payloads of water or retardant and can maneuver into tighter areas and make quicker turns in a shorter radius than most other aircraft.

Fire Fighting

We offer support services to help firefighting officials monitor operations and mark progress. Our helicopters are used for air reconnaissance to assist in directing ground-based fire crews for enhanced safety and performance. Customers often use the service for direct monitoring and photo documentation of fire sites and aerial operations.