Fire Reclamation & Aerial Hydromulching

Fire Reclamation & Aerial HydromulchingAfter a fire, burned areas are at risk of flooding, landslides and topsoil erosion. For emergency fire recovery or planned erosion control projects, Aero Tech offers rapid-response aerial hydromulching and hydroseeding to mitigate problems and preserve a healthy landscape.

Aero Tech is a supplier and applicator of weed-free straw. Using our helicopters, we offer fast, economical distribution of straw. Our GPS technology ensures precision coverage and records flight patterns to show straw placements.

Fire Reclamation

Hydromulch is a mixture of fertilizer, seed, shredded wood and tackifier, a sticky substance that helps the mulch material cling to hillsides and steep slopes. The biodegradable hydromulch stabilizes the soil and provides nutrient media for new plant growth on fire-damaged lands.

Aero Tech has unique experience in aerial hydromulching and seeding. We were the first fixed-wing aircraft company to provide emergency fire reclamation services. Our work on the Cerro Grande fire site near Los Alamos, New Mexico, set a precedent for cost-effective use of the single-engine air tankers (SEATs) for wildfire recovery. In that highly coordinated, steady-paced operation, we distributed about seven million gallons of reseeding mixture and hydromulch in just 25 days.

Both government agencies and private landowners call on Aero Tech for aerial hydromulch and seeding services. We have covered areas in numerous western states, often completing the project ahead of schedule. We offer an expedient turn-key operation, supplying seed, straw and hydromulch materials, mixing equipment, a well-trained air and ground crew, and high-capacity, fast-flying aircraft that are preeminent for safety and maneuverability over rugged terrain. Our AT-802 turbine-powered SEATs can penetrate deep canyons and navigate difficult territory to deliver precise applications of hydromulch and seed.