Flying in the sunsetAero Tech is one of the largest fertilizer applicator companies serving the timber industry and agricultural operations. Every year, we cover thousands of acres of timber and crop lands. With our large-scale operation, we offer competitive prices on application of various fertilizer products, including Eurea, DAP, TSP, and MicroNutrients.

Until recently, large-scale aerial fertilization was not considered economically or environmentally feasible. However, Aero Tech found a cost-effective approach by incorporating precision GPS guidance and corroborating with equipment manufactures to create more effective spreaders and more efficient augering systems. Using this approach, we provide control and accuracy that have set a new standard for the industry.

Clients rely on our expertise for precision distribution, optimized spray time and enhanced environmental safeguards. We perform our work according to strict safety practices; and, with our advanced approaches and high-tech aircraft, our pilots can fertilize specific target areas, avoiding watersheds and protected or populated areas.