Aerial Surveys

Aerial SurveysAero Tech’s fleet of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are ideal for air reconnaissance and aerial surveys. Clients use our services for surveying and inspecting sites. We support land managers, film production crews, wind energy site managers, land development managers, timber companies, public agencies and other private companies. Aerial observation is valuable in scouting locations and in campaigns to eradicate noxious plants and harmful insects. Knowing the precise areas in need of spraying provides more effective coverage and cuts costs.

Our helicopters are certified for FAA part 133, 135 and 137 operations and available for surveys of wildlife, fire sites and project sites. We also offer our services in support of law enforcement and special missions for state and federal agencies.

Aero Tech has access to a team of wildlife, marine, and terrestrial biologists available to assist with inland and offshore helicopter surveys.