For more than 30 years, Aero Tech has been serving private and public entities in the U.S. and overseas with aviation and aerial application services.  As client needs have increased and changed, we have added services and expanded our fleet and crew.  As a full-service aviation company, we offer:

  • on the jobAerial Surveys
  • Firefighting & Fire Control
  • Fire Reclamation & Aerial Hydromulching
  • Wildlife Management
  • Film Production Support
  • Wind Turbine Operations & Maintenance Support
  • Forest Protection
  • Control of Brush & Noxious Plants
  • Fertilization
  • Control of Mosquitoes & Other Pests
  • Charter Air Transportation

We are distinguished in the industry as an innovator of aerial dispersion techniques and an early adopter of aero technology.  Applying our expertise with high-quality performance, we provide firefighting, fire recovery, erosion control, and pest control.  We serve the film production, wind energy, timber, ranching and agricultural production industries.