News 2007

September 2007

Erosion Control for Angora Fire Site at South Lake Tahoe, CA

Aero Tech was awarded the US Forest Service contract, as the prime contractor, to provide Aerial Hydromulch services for the Angora Fire Site.  For the 15-day hydromulching project, we are providing pilots, ground crews and five AT-802 Air Tractors to treat 636 acres affected by the burn.  The project will require approximately 3,000 airplane loads of mulch which we will distribute to the treatment areas in only 14 working days.  The treatments will target areas badly burned by the wildfire which devastated South Lake Tahoe, California. The treatments will stabilize soils and prevent run-off that could threaten property and other important resources.  The project started September 12.

The Angora Fire was the largest and most destructive fire in the Tahoe Basin in a century.  It started June 24, 2007, and by the time it was declared controlled on July 19, it had burned 3,100 acres, including 2,736 acres of National Forest System lands, and destroyed more than 250 homes.  For information and project updates, and

August 2007

New Hangar FacilityNew hanger facility

Aero Tech is building a new 18,500-square-foot hanger and maintenance facility. Eric Miller of Eric Miller Architect, Las Vegas,Nevada designed the hanger, and Ron Scarpa of Universal Development is the building contractor.  Construction, which started in the spring of 2007, is expected to be completed in November 2007.  The state-of-the-art facility will give Aero Tech a total of 30,000 square feet of hanger space for housing and maintaining its growing fleet.  See construction photos in our new Photo Album.

County of Santa Barbara

The County of Santa Barbara contracted with Aero Tech for a second hydromulching project. Commending on October 21, the project provides erosion control for private and non-federal public lands located in the Gap Fire area.

Fire Fighting

Aero Tech’s fire fighting crews worked intensely throughout August to control fires in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Nevada.  Deployed to multiple fire sites, our planes and crews contributed to heroic and successful efforts to protect property and save lives.

July 2007

Fire Season Moves North

As wet weather slowed the July 2007 fire season in the southwest, dry conditions coupled with lightening strikes ignited an extremely busy fire season in the mid- to northwest areas of the nation.  To support the U.S. Forest Service and firefighting personnel,  Aero Tech moved its aircraft and crews from New Mexico and Arizona to Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon.

New Commercial Helicopter/Instrument Fixed-Wing Pilot in the Family!

Cameron Stallings, 20, earned his Commercial Helicopter license in Bakersfield, California, studying with Chris Gadbois of SRT Helicopters.  Cameron also trained with American Flyers in Addison, Texas, where he completed his fixed-wing instrument rating. Congratulations Cameron!  We are proud of you.

Beech Baron Beechcraft C55 BaronBeechcraft C55 Baron

Aero Tech recently added a Beechcraft C55 Baron to its fleet of aircraft.  The lightweight, twin-engine Baron offers reliability and safety.  We will use the aircraft in conjunction with our Piper Cheyenne II to mobilize crews and mechanics and transport parts.  The aircraft expands our capabilities for supporting multiple projects in various locations with enhanced efficiency and agility.

Bell 407 HelicopterBell 407 Helicopter

Aero Tech signed a contract with Hillsboro Aviation to purchase a new 2009 Bell 407 helicopter. The rugged, high-performance helicopter is revered for its excellent speed, payload and range capabilities. Hillsboro Aviation is customizing the helicopter to Aero Tech’s specifications for use in charter, survey and fire fighting services. The Bell 407 will be the fourth helicopter in our expanding fleet of aircraft.

Stephen Johnson, the Helicopter Sales Manager at Hillsboro Aviation, has provided impressive sales service for the transaction.
June 2007

SEATs Support Fire Control in Florida

Aero Tech provided two Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs), pilots and crews to the State of Florida to control wildfires.  Dry conditions in Florida created an extremely high fire potential in all areas of the state this fire season.

Tussock Moth Control

Aero Tech completed a project to control a tussock moth infestation on the Santa Clara Indian Reservation near Los Alamos, NM.  An 802 Air Tractor was used to treat forests at elevations exceeding 9000 feet.
May 2007

Bell 412EPHelicopter Expands Fleet

Aero Tech has expanded its helicopter services for firefighting and other specialized missions with the purchase and customization of a Bell 412EP helicopter.

Bell 412EP HelicopterThe 412EP (Enhanced Performance) helicopter is a rugged, reliable and roomy aircraft that can accommodate a pilot, co-pilot and up to 13 passengers with a gross weight of 11,900 pounds.  Through substantial upgrades, Aero Tech is improving the helicopter’s performance and safety and increasing its service capabilities.  The helicopter is being equipped with factory-new PT6T-3DF engines and the first civilian Tail Strake and Fast Fin kit.  These and other upgrades will improve the helicopter’s handling and control and increase its capabilities for hauling bigger payloads at higher altitudes, especially in hot weather.

The improvements to the ship are being completed by Alpine Aerotech, LTD, of Kelowna, British Columbia. Aero Tech expects upgrades to be completed by January 2008, which will make it available for the 2008 fire season.  In addition to fire fighting, the Bell 412EP will be used for mobilization and demobilization of fire crews and oil platform crews, charter services, hauling freight, emergency disaster relief, search and rescue missions, engineering surveys, and long-line services.

The aircraft will operate under FAA part 133, 135 and 137 certifications.

Aero Tech Featured at Alaska Aviation ConferenceSupercub

Aero Tech President Ted Stallings displayed his ‘Super 18 Turbo-Charged Super Cub’ at the 2007 annual Alaska Aviation Conference in Anchorage, Alaska.  The Cub is a one-of-a-kind aircraft built by Yakima Aerosport under the direction of Mike Butterfield.  It is a ‘4-inch, wide-bodied Cub’ with a 220-hp turbocharged Lycoming engine, an MT composite prop, 6-inch extended gear, 35-inch bush wheels, Dakota slotted leading-edge extended wings, Atlee square tail, a Dynon glass instrument panel and, if you can believe it, many other options.

The Cub is truly a showpiece, capable of short landings and take-offs at extremely high altitudes and, according to Ted, flies like no other Cub on the planet!

New Mexico Amigos 2007 Goodwill Trip

Ted Stallings, President of Aero Tech, joined 130 other New Mexico Amigos on their annual Goodwill Trip in May 2007.  They started this year’s journey in Williamsburg, VA, accompanied by New Mexico’s Lt. Governor, Diane Denish.  They stayed at Kingsmill Resort and Spa and played the championship golf course there.

The group then headed to Washington DC, where they were given a guided tour of the Pentagon arranged by Senator Jeff Bingaman. They also visited the US Capitol Building and witnessed the Senate in session.  The bill to end the war in Iraq was the principal topic of the day so many Senators were present including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.  Senator Pete Dominici arranged for the group to have a special, hour-long private audience with President George W. Bush at the Eisenhower Building.  The trip concluded with rest and relaxation in Boston, MA.

The New Mexico Amigos is a private, non-profit, non-partisan corporation chartered under the laws of the State of New Mexico and officially designated Goodwill Ambassadors for New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.  Its members are distinguished New Mexico civic, business, industrial and professional leaders who devote time and financial support to the organization.  The Amigos participate in many activities to promote the state of New Mexico and frequently act as hosts for important groups visiting the state.