News 2015

Alaska HangarNew Alaska Hangar

A new aircraft hangar is serving the Aero Tech Lodge in Seldovia, Alaska, the company’s Alaska Base of Operations.  The beautiful new facility provides 10,000 square feet of indoor heated hangar space.



Twelve Moose Get GPS Radio Collars in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

Moose managementAs part of New York’s study, a professional crew of specialists from Aero Tech, Inc., trained in live capture and collaring of large animals, used a helicopter and launched nets to capture and collar the moose on conservation easement lands in Franklin County. Aero Tech has live-captured thousands of large animals in support of conservation and management, and recently completed similar jobs in New Hampshire and Maine. Based in New Mexico, the capture crew consists of a team of six, each of them experts with a specific role in the process.    Learn more about the moose project . . . 

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