News 2013

Charter JetNew Cessna Citation CJ-1

Aero Tech has added a Cessna Citation CJ-1 to our fleet of fixed-wing aircraft. The CJ1 is a versatile, high-performing, and exceptionally quiet jet. Ted Stallings is Type Rated in the Cessna 525 Jet Series as well as RVSM rated to operate between 29,000 and 41,000 feet.

Support for the USDA Wildlife Service

The USDA Wildlife Services has awarded Aero Tech a four-year contract to provide aviation support for aerial swine management. According to the Nature Conservancy, invasive species have directly contributed to the decline of 42% of the threatened and endangered species in the United States and cause an economic impact of $120 billion per year. Feral hog (Sus scrofa) damage in the United States is estimated at $800 million annually, assuming an approximate hog population of 4 million. These estimates are conservative, as they do not account for environmental degradation, disease outbreaks or more difficult to document impacts . Correspondingly, feral hogs are candidates for the World’s 100 Worst Invasive Alien Species, illustrating their tremendous potential for worldwide impact. Aero Tech is proud to help the states farmers and ranchers along with the USDA to manage their Feral Swine Problem.

Colorado Fire Protection

Aero Tech has been awarded the Colorado State Forest Service aerial firefighting contract.  We are furnishing a Type III Single Engine Air Tanker for the aerial firefighting Service.   Colorado has found the SEAT aircraft are an essential complement to helicopters and large air tankers in wildfire suppression.   Aero Tech’s AT-802 Air Tractor SEATs are well suited to Colorado’s high elevations, rugged terrain, and expanding wild land urban interface.  We look forward to working with Colorado for many years to come.

Aero Tech Support for the Mexico Fire Season

Aero Tech is preparing to provide SEAT’s in Mexico for the upcoming fire season again this year.  Our pilots and aircraft have been an essential part of Mexico’s effective fire suppression program.

Pilatus P6 Now in Service

The Pilatus PC 6-H4 is the newest aircraft to join Aero Tech’s expanding fleet.  With its unique Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities and versatility, the Pilatus provides excellent support for our various aerial missions in rugged territories.  It gives us ready access to remote areas with short airstrips.  It provides dependable performance at high altitudes, responsive maneuverability for flights over mountainous terrain, and all-weather reliability for extreme weather conditions.

New Bell 407GX Helicopter

On February 29, 2012, Aero Tech took delivery of a new Bell 407GX helicopter.  United Rotorcraft of Decatur Texas customized the aircraft which was delivered directly from the Bell facility to Decatur.  Our two Bell 407s significantly enhance our firefighting capabilities.  We used the 407s throughout the 2012 fire season and were extremely pleased with their dependability and performance.

Expanding Our Fleet of Single-Engine Air Tankers

In another addition to our fleet, we purchased another AT-802 Air Tractor.  The AT-802 is a proven workhorse and is the sixth in our current fleet of Single-Engine Air Tankers.  However, unlike the other SEATs in our fleet, this new aircraft is a two place air tanker, which we use in training as well as firefighting.

New Hangar for Aero Tech Alaska Operations

A new aircraft hangar is under construction for Aero Tech Lodge in Seldovia Alaska, which serves as the company’s Alaska Base of Operations.  The beautiful new facility will provide approximately 10,000 square foot of indoor heated hangar space.

AeroTech-Turbine-Beaver PlaneNew Turbine Beaver Aircraft in Service

In 2012 Aero Tech acquired a turbine DeHavilland Beaver DCH-2 Mark III.   The Turbine Beaver offers impressive carrying capacity, climb rate, and cruise speed.  The Beaver can make land and water landings, providing support for a wide variety of air missions.

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