MD530FF Helicopter

MD530FFOur MD530FF helicopter offers high-speed operational performance and high-altitude capabilities. Equipped with a 650 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C30 engine, the MD530F provides proven reliability even under the demands of hot-day and high-altitude conditions. The helicopter’s long main-rotor blades give the MD 530F its high-altitude lift capability. The extended tailboom and tail rotor blades provide increased thrust and directional control at high altitudes.

Aero Tech’s MD530FF helicopter is certified for FAA part 133 and 135 operations. It is available for wildlife surveys, firefighting, charter service, hauling freight, law enforcement support, and other special missions. Additionally, our helicopter service supports client needs for site monitoring, filming, and photo documentation of fire sites, bug infested areas, or regions that require mapping.

Characteristics at Design Gross WeightMetric 1406 kgImperial 3,100 lb
Maximum Cruise SpeedSea Level 1524 m (5,000 ft)248 km/hr 249 km/hr134 kt (154 mph) 135 kt (155 mph)
Speed for Best Range1524 m (5,000 ft)243 km/hr118 kt (219 mph)
Maximum Permitted SpeedVNE at sea level282 km/hr152 kt (175 mph)
Maximum RangeSea Level 1524 m (5,000 ft)381 km 430 km206 nm (237 m) 232 nm (267 m)
Maximum EnduranceSea Level381 km206 nm (237 m)
Maximum Rate of ClimbSea Level, Standard Day ISA +20° C Day10.5 m/sec 105 m/sec2069 fpm 2061 fpm
Maximum Operating AltitudeDensity Altitude6096 m20,000 ft
Service CeilingISA5700 m18,700 ft
Maximum Hook Capacity907 kg2,000 lb
Hovering Performance (No wind)
In-ground effectStandard Day ISA +20° C Day4877 m 4359 m16,000 ft 14,300 ft
Out-of-ground effectStandard Day ISA +20° C Day4389 m 3536 m14,400 ft 11,600 ft
Maximum Gross WeightNormal Capacity External Load Operations1406 kg 1701 kg3,100 lb 3,750 lb
Empty WeightStandard Configuration722 kg1,591 lb
Useful LoadNormal Capacity684 kg1,509 lb
External Load Operations979 kg2,159 lb
Usable Fuel Capacity242 l (64 gal)183 kg403 lb
Rolls-Royce 250-C30 gas turbineRated Power485 kw650 shp
Derated for reliability and safety toTakeoff Power Max Continuous Power317 kw 280 kw425 shp 375 shp