Bell 412 EP

Our Bell 412EP (Enhanced Performance) is another high-performance helicopter for firefighting and other missions including mobilization and demobilization of fire crews and oil platform crews, charter services, freight hauling, emergency disaster relief, search and rescue, engineering surveys, and long-line services. Aero Tech has equipped the helicopter with PT6T-3DF engines for superior performance. Our Bell 412EP is equipped with a Goodrich External Hoist.412 Hoist
Speeds at max gross wt1,444 ft440 m
Landing distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle (STOL)1,033 ft315 m
Rate of climb (MTOW)1,010 ft/min5.13 m/sec
Max. cruise speed125 KTAS232 km/h
Max. range at 10,000 ft500 nm926 km
- with underwing tanks870 nm1611 km
Max. operating altitude25,000 ft7620 m
Stall speed
- flaps up (Vs)58 KEAS kt107 km/h
- full flaps set (VSO)52 KEAS kt96 km/h
Basic empty weight*approx 2,756 - 3,086 lb1,250 - 1,400 kg
Max. take-off weight6,173 lb2,800 kg
Max. landing weight5,863 lb2,660 kg
Max. payload*up to approx. 2,646 lb1,200 kg
Payload with max. fuel*up to approx. 2,381 lb1,080 kg
*depending on configuration and fuel
Wing span52.07 ft15.87 m
Wing area324.54 ft230.15 m2
Overall length35.76 ft10.90 m
Height10.50 ft3.20 m
Track9.84 ft3.00 m