Bell 407GX

407GTBoth of our Bell 407 helicopters, including our newest Bell 407GX, have been customized with a left-hand command PIC, left-hand remote hook collective switches, and a left-hand bubble window. Our Bell 407s are the first helicopters with these safety enhancements to be FAA approved. The left-hand features make our helicopters even safer for our pilots in performing precision vertical reference longline missions. With a four-blade rotor, the helicopters offer high-level maneuverability. They operate reliably in arctic and desert climates.

Our Bell 407s have a seven-seat capacity and high-performance capabilities for a range of services, including support for film production, law enforcement, and air surveillance for agricultural and natural resource management. They offer a spacious cabin with two crew and five cabin seats, larger windows, and a comfortable ride.

Vne140 kts259 kph
Max cruise¹133 kts246 kph
Range at VLRC¹330 nm611 km
Max endurance 3.8 hrs
Standard seating1 + 6
Maximum seating1 + 6
Standard fuel127.8 US gal484 liters
Aux fuel19 US gal72 liters
Cabin Volume85 ft³2.4 m³
Baggage Compartment Volume16 ft³0.45 m³
Empty / Equipped wt2,960 lbs1343 kg
Internal gross wt5,250 lbs2,381 kg
External gross wt6,000 lbs2,722 kg
Useful load, standard2,309 lbs1,047 kg
Useful load, optional2,559 lbs1,160 kg
Max ext load (cargo hook limit)2,646 lbs1,200 kg



Typical Missions Include

•  Animal Capture
•  Aerial Wildlife Management
•  Aerial Survey
•  Herding
•  Search and Rescue
•  Law Enforcement
•  Oil and Gas
•  Filming
•  Pipeline Patrol
•  Power Line Support
•  Construction
•  Charter
•  Fire Fighting
•  Off Shore & Arctic Operations
•  PSD
•  Special Missions