qualified and ready for the challenge

Whether you’re a rancher looking for brush control or a government agency seeking fire reclamation or pest control, look to Aero Tech for the expertise, equipment and technology that can get the job done right. With generations of experience, Aero Tech provides professional, expedient and economical service.

ExpertiseAero Tech has many loyal and long-standing clients that have relied on our services through the years. For example, 2013 will be our twenty-third consecutive year in providing our aerial services to the Weyerhaeuser Company. Several projects showcase the quality of our work and our capabilities for meeting challenging client needs.

  • Our aerial hydromulching services were instrumental in achieving effective erosion control at the Encebado Fire Site in New Mexico. In the work performed for the BIA, we delivered almost three million gallons of hydromulch, completing the job ahead of schedule. The Contracting Office praised our team for the quality of the coverage and our careful protection of cultural antiquities.
  • We supported the BLM with aerial hydromulching in post-fire rehabilitation for the Coal Seam Fire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. That summer we also supported recovery efforts for the Missionary Ridge Fire in Colorado.
  • In Colorado, we performed aerial seeding for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) for recovery after the Hayman Fire. The work involved flying at elevations between 6,500 and 9,000 ft and achieving coverage on slopes up to 60%.
  • Our expertise served the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA’s) demanding requirements for fire rehabilitation of the Ft. Apache Burn at the Rodeo-Chediski site in Arizona. We worked in a continuous operation around frequent thunderstorms to cover treatment areas in the largest aerial reseeding project ever undertaken. The project was completed well before contract requirements.
  • Aero Tech mobilized a quick-response operation following the Cerro Grande Fire surrounding Los Alamos National Laboratory. For the National Park Service’s emergency erosion control project, we seeded 30,000 acres and applied 6,900,000 gallons of hydromulch in just 25 days to stabilize the ground at the burn site.
  • Aero Tech’s aircraft played an important role in helping the State of Montana battle devastating fires in difficult terrain.