Safety and Environmental Protection

Aero Tech is an advocate for protection of the environment and the health of its workers and the public. Prevention of injury and illness is a priority at all times. We follow stringent practices for safety and occupational health.

We work according to careful procedures and controls when mixing and applying chemical and biological substances. We opt for the least toxic materials available and take extra precautions in our operations to preserve the health of people, wildlife and farm animals.

Idaho FirefightingAt Aero Tech, training, precise planning and technology help us minimize hazards and optimize results. Our staff annually attends seminars and training to keep abreast of advances in the aeronautics industry and to continually upgrade technical skills and certifications. Every project is thoroughly planned, scheduled and coordinated for the best possible coverage and protection of worker health and safety. Our aircraft are equipped with high-tech guidance and navigation systems and computer-controlled release gates, which ensure precision positioning and on-target control of aerial distributions.