Our Operations

Aero Tech is headquartered in Clovis, New Mexico, where its base of operations includes a 2,700-foot private airstrip; a state-of-the-art storing, mixing, and loading complex; fuel pumping stations; and ultra-modern facilities for housing and maintaining our aircraft. We operate with a fleet of GPS-guided aircraft manned by a highly-skilled team of seasoned pilots.

Alaska HangarAero Tech has conducted aviation and marine operations in Alaska since 1988, providing aerial firefighting support throughout the state. We operate both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft offering charter, survey, cargo, sightseeing, spraying and other aerial services. We support a wide range of aerial missions, including geotechnical investigations, seismic studies with LIDAR technology, various surveillance activities, air tours, and hunting and fishing expeditions.

Arkansas HangarAero Tech also has a base of operations in DeQueen, Arkansas, for the services we provide to the southeast region of the United States. A new hangar at the base houses the aircraft and provides convenient space for maintenance and equipment storage. From the base we are ready and available for a variety of missions.

Aero Tech Lodge in Seldovia, Alaska, serves as the base of operations for Aero Tech, LLC, an Alaska corporation owned and operated by Ted and Patti Stallings. The base includes a beautiful lodge, a 10,000-sq-ft modern aircraft hangar, a fleet of aircraft, and staff.

Aero Tech Lodge

Aero Tech has been serving Alaska since 1988.