Aero Tech Headquarters in Clovis, New Mexico


Our Operations

Headquartered in New Mexico, Aero Tech has a fleet of GPS-guided aircraft manned by a highly-skilled team of seasoned pilots. Our air and ground crews are trained in every aspect of aerial dispersal technology.   Read more . . .


Customer Service is “PRIORITY ONE”

onesmlThrough efficient and reliable service, we have developed long-standing relationships with our clients. Timber companies, ranchers, farmers, private companies and individuals call on Aero Tech for aviation and aerial application services that are reliable, efficient and affordable.    Read more . . .

News Bell 212 Helicopter

AERO-TECHS-BELL-212HP-AIRCRAFT_2Aero Tech has purchased another Bell 212 helicopter, which will be in service for the 2016 fire season.  In addition to firefighting, the Bell 212 is being configured with state-of-the-art technology for day and night hoist rescue operations.  The helicopter will be equipped and certified for Night Vision Googles (NVG).  It will offer high-performance operations for a range of challenging missions and client needs.

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